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UPDATED Visa Application Requirements for Dubai

We would like to inform you that all Visa Applications will now require Compulsory Travel Insurance Covering COVID-19.

Maximum Age Limit: 70 years

Any excess amount spent on medical bills or hospitalisation will be their own responsibility.

Please find below important details regarding the Covid-19 Medical Insurance policy that is mandatory required for all Tourist Visas.

• The insurance is non refundable.

• This insurance will cover up to AED 150,000 (for valid visas only) emergency medical expenses including quarantine. Any expense exceeding AED 150,000 coverage will be your responsibility.

• Insurance will not cover if the applicant is overstaying on their visa. You will have to cover medical expenses. Please note that there will be zero tolerance on the overstay policy. We will file for absconding on the first day of overstay as insurance will not cover any overstay applicants.

• Insurance is required for all nationalities including the ones that get Visa on arrival.

• Once visa is issued we will send you the visa and the insurance policy. The passenger can print the documents along with health declaration form, PCR test and show them at the Airports (Departure from home country and Arrival in UAE).

• Validity of the insurance will be as mentioned in the policy.

• Please note you have to advise travel date as we have to mention travel date in the insurance policy and validity will start of insurance as per the given date.

Kindly Ensure that every visa application and booking has a Return Flight Booked. This might be checked and verified on arrival.

Health Declaration Form which has to be completed by the Traveller and should be carried to the Airport.

Quarantine Undertaking Form which has to be completed by the Traveller and should be carried to the Airport.

• Both forms need to be handed over on Arrival. These forms will be required for visa applications as well.

• Covid-19 Test with Negative Result had to be taken no more than 96 Hours prior to Arrival in Dubai. The Test Report will be required by the airline at check in. Kindly ensure that you advise the clients of the most updated airline requirements as per your region.

Kindly Ensure that you check all local departure requirements accordingly.

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