Many people in India love to travel to USA, be it for business, for studies or for just holidaying with loved ones. Planning for a USA trip can be an exciting thing as the country has some amazing places to visit. All this travel excitement can quickly fade away if you do not plan your trip efficiently. When it comes to planning, travel insurance should be on the top of your list.

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It's the last month of the year and guess what? This last of something is absolutely refreshing! From the cozy winter to innumerable year-end celebrations, December has a lot to offer. Even if the rest of the year has been just okay, this month will be awesome simply because it's December!

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Not many would want to miss out on a journey where they can enjoy drinks in bars, delicious food at restaurants, dance at discotheque, and even swimming pool and spa -- all while travelling.

India's first ever passenger cruise ship service was launched in Mumbai.

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The most stressful thing for most Indians planning to travel abroad is not the price of the ticket, but securing a visa. Majority of countries around the world require Indians to obtain visa prior to travelling.But there are 45 nations that do not want Indians to worry about Visa.